We pride ourselves on being your one-stop firm for real estate investment and management solutions. We cover all your needs, from assessing, selling, buying or financing your property to handling legal and notarial processes.

Legal & Notary services for property purchase in Greece


The Greek real estate industry is complex and unpredictable. Thus, every transaction in this area must be carefully handled. Our expert legal and notary team take over all necessary legal and notary processes, making your property purchase a pleasant experience.

Legal Services

Procedural matters & documentation

  • Issuing a Greek TAX ID
    Opening an account in any Greek bank (the client does need to be present)
  • Official translation of all required documents to apply for the residency permit (Golden VISA)
  • Preparing and consolidating the necessary documents and filing the application for the residency permit (Golden VISA)
  • Operating as the permanent tax representative of the client and handling any actions involved
  • Operating as the official depository of the property purchase file including all documents related to the purchase
  • Handling the compilation of necessary documentation and the entire renewal process of the residency permit on time (before the expiry of the five-year validity term)

Legal Services

Notary & contract-related services

  • Handling the negotiation of all agreement terms before the contract is finalized
  • Undertaking the entire due diligence process
  • Drafting PoAs, pre-sale and sale agreements as necessary
  • Performing, following up on and ensuring the signing of the purchase contracts
  • Processing all tax payments to Greek authorities on behalf of the buyer
  • Assisting with secure and correct transfer of funds
  • Handing the registration of title deeds at the Land Registry and any additional authorities
  • Handling all necessary notary process until the property has been successfully passed to the new owner

Strategic consulting & financing facilitations


Our strategic consultation and financing facilitation services aim at offering the most cost-effective and comprehensive investment options available in Greece. We focus on your needs and utilize the strength of our network to create value for your investment.

Financing Facilitation

Using knowledge & innovative tools

Our strategic consultants ensure that all your decisions are based on unbiased and concise data. Using their knowledge and innovative tools, they help you align your goals with the ever-changing industry trends and surmount the challenges of the sector to achieve your investment goals.

Our team of financial experts provide tailored solutions and flexible loan options, taking into consideration the type of property, the amount of the loan and the condition of the investment. It pays to know your possibilities.

Technical Support and feasibility studies


Our team of experts provide you with an integrated set of consultation and technical studies about available properties, and advise you throughout your investment process on all technical aspects before making any critical decisions.

Technical Support

Don’t stress

Our experienced engineers perform all necessary inspections, communicate with the urban planning authorities, undertake the acquisition of construction or renovation licenses, and in general undertake all the technical processes that you may find complicated or stressful.


Golden Visa

With a real estate investment of just €250,000, Greece has the most competitive permanent residency program in Europe. Learn more about the benefits, the eligibility criteria, the documents needed and the process to obtain your permanent residency card.

The Greek Golden Visa Program is one of the most competitive and affordable programs in Europe.

The Greek Golden Visa enables visa-free travel to all countries within the Schengen Area, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.